A Nutritional Program for the Needy of El Salvador

Posted: Thursday, July 19, 2012 by Ray Riveria

A Nutritional Program for the Needy of El Salvador

When NECO traveled to Central America in 2010 with the ‘Our Hearts are in El Salvador' project, we had our eyes opened to the extreme poverty and lack of basic resources available to families living at and below the poverty line. We were moved by the daily struggle of these proud communities who often pooled resources in communal kitchens to feed their children. This selfless collaboration in the face of such dire circumstances was inspiring. With local agencies and our partners at Gift of Life International, we are banding together to begin affecting genuine change in these underprivileged communities one family at a time, one village at a time. The number of families we can help depends on you.

For one contribution of $500 dollars, we can meet the needs of a family of four for an entire year - an entire year that a parent won't have to worry about where their child's next meal is coming from. And this money not only provides food and nutritional supplements, but also health monitoring and periodic dental and vision check-ups. And furthermore, this comprehensive program will include vocational training for the mothers of these children giving them the tools to supplement their current household income and improve their living conditions. With a $500 donation you will not only buy food for a year but also provide a key to breaking the chain of poverty for an entire community.

This project is designed to be sustainable and scalable to meet the needs of each community we encounter. Right now, we are focused on the welcoming communities where we have built lasting relationships in response to the ‘Our Hearts …” program, but our ultimate goal is to bring this program to any community in need of services. With the support of our NECO family, we are prepared to grow this nutritional assistance program exponentially until every child and family in need is provided for.

NECO has defined the need and identified a plan of action; will you be part of the solution?

 -Contact the NECO offices at 212-750-1492 or email EllisIslandRose@aol.com for how you can be part of this program.