Liberty by Bernard Solco

Posted: Thursday, July 19, 2012 by Ray Riveria

Liberty by Bernard Solco

NECO has a long tradition of working with some of the nation's most exciting young artists. We turn to them not only to express our rich and multi-dimensional American experience but to also create iconic images that will touch the hearts of all viewers, regardless of their age, background or experience. This year, we are truly excited to work with the supremely talented Bernard Solco who has created the wonderful portrait of the Statue of Liberty that graces our current NECO News.

Bernard Solco is an American multimedia artist born and raised in New York City who from a young age showed an intense interest in the arts and explored a variety of creative mediums. He describes himself as a self-taught artist and spent his youth as a graphic designer before striking out in 1996 when he launched a full-time career in the fine arts, creating an impressive body of work that has been well received by both critics and collectors. His artwork has been the subject of articles in international publications including the London Daily Mail, the New York Times and Smithsonian Magazine.

Many prominent collectors in the arts and industry have acquired his paintings and sculpture. Solco has also been commissioned to paint portraits and create original works of art for some of the worlds most recognized personalities including Donald Trump, Rudy Giuliani and Siegfried & Roy, all of whom are previous Ellis Island Medal of Honor recipients!

The Statue of Liberty portrait seen here, Liberty, was commissioned to be used in NECO materials throughout the year. A series of limited-edition giclèe prints will be created and made available for sale through NECO and the proceeds will go toward supporting NECO's many educational and humanitarian projects around the world.