Light of a New Future, Ellis Island

Posted: Thursday, July 19, 2012 by Ray Riveria

Light of a New Future, Ellis Island

NECO was thrilled to have Susan Sommer-Luarca join the 2011 Ellis Island Medal of Honor family. Her inspiring artwork is appreciated all over the world, and is beloved for her images that capture the majesty of American folklore and spirit.

NECO is proud to commission an original artwork from Ms. Sommer-Luarca which was unveiled at our 2011 Eliis Island Medals of Honor Kick-off event. Light of a New Future, Ellis Island …is a wonderful, evocative painting which illustrates the iconic place Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty have in the immigrant experience. With the continents subtly mapped out in the clouds, we remember that the American Dream inspires lives around the world.

 In 2008 and 2010, Susan Sommer-Luarca was designated the US's ‘Official Olympic Artist' and created artworks live during sport events. NECO is honored to be offering a limited-edition print, signed and hand-embellished by the artist, featuring the same vibrant colors and depth of shading as in the original oil painting. It measures 24X48”and comes beautifully framed with a Certificate of Authenticity.  For $750.00 plus shipping and handling, this print will inspire a new generation of Americans and become a family keepsake for years to come.

  All proceeds will go to help NECO and its partners continue their work across the globe and to the restoration and maintenance of Ellis Island as a living tribute to the courage and hope of all immigrants who have built America. If you would like to see this limited-edition prinit hanging in your home or office, please contact the NECO executive offices at 212-755-1492. As a gift, what could make an Ellis Island Medal of Honor recipient happier!