NECO underwrites the publication of two important books

Posted: Thursday, July 19, 2012 by Ray Riveria

NECO underwrites the publication of two important books

Education has always been an important part of NECO's mission. In early 2012, we had the opportunity to read two books in pre-production that we thought would benefit American's both young and old, and which deserved to be widely distributed.

Citizenship: What Every American Needs to Know is a terrific compendium of American history, important texts such as the Declaration of Independence, and other facts and figures that is sure to inspire and enlighten all Americans.  It even includes civic test such as the U.S. Citizenship Naturalization test so you can compare your knowledge of our nation's history with that of incoming, naturalized Americans. The book is rounded out with quotes and inspirational stories from patriotic Americans who are making a difference in our country through their volunteerism and civic pride. This book will delight and inform readers of all ages.

Hey Kids, America Needs Us! is a charming book written, researched and illustrated by a very special young author, six-year-old Rohith Karthik. In this book aimed at grade-school children, the young patriot shares his thoughts on the importance of reading and learning, why kids should know about American history as well as facts about the presidents that Rohith finds particularly interesting, for example, “James Garfield was the first left-handed president!” The book is has been printed exactly as it was presented to the publisher, in the carefully printed hand-writing of a six year-old, complete with his own illustrations. This book will not only fascinate and educate young readers; it will charm their parents and grandparents who will no doubt what to share it with them.

NECO is proud to underwrite the publishing of these two books and is offering them for sale through our website at and over the phone at 212-755-1492. Citizenship is $16.00 and Hey Kids! is $12.00, plus shipping,  with all proceeds going to support NECO's programs and initiatives around the world.