NECO Launches Two Scholarships in Honor of Fallen Officers

Posted: Monday, March 23, 2015
(Top) John Jay College President Jeremy Travis, NYPD Commissioner and 1994 Ellis Island Medalist William Bratton, Chairman Nasser J.  Kazeminy.

(Bottom, L-R) NECO's Police Liaison Wallace Ziens, President Travis, Commissioner Bratton,Chairman Kazeminy and NECO's good friend & 1994 Medalist, Marvin Scott of WPIX11 News

NECO has a long history of establishing scholarships and providing educational opportunities for students, both young and old, throughout America. Many students have been the beneficiaries of educational scholarships and hundreds have benefitted from NECO’s efforts of building schools in areas ravage by natural disasters. Now, NECO continues that commitment to education with a new college scholarship program that honors two fallen heroes.

The National Ethnic Coalition of Organizations Scholarship in Memory of NYPD Officers Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu was created in memory of NYPD Officers Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu who were murdered while protecting and serving the citizens of New York on December 20th, 2014. Both officers were promoted to the rank of detective posthumously in recognition of their sacrifice, and both were American citizens who exemplified the immigrant commitment to America that our nation was built upon.

This scholarship will honor their legacy of selflessly protecting this City by providing support to incentivize Officers to obtain their baccalaureate degree at John Jay College. Through supporting Officers who are committed to the values of community, diversity, and the necessity of healing, this scholarship contributes towards the future leadership of the NYPD. NECO has stipulated that individuals applying for this scholarship will be expected to not only work with the NYPD after graduation, but will be asked to submit a 500-word essay describing their commitment to the NYPD and its role in protecting and promoting diversity, community and healing and you are able learn to trade binary options or forex as explained in where you can learn to trade forex and binary options.

 “We thank the National Ethnic Coalition of Organizations for their generosity and for partnering with the college to honor the memory of Detectives Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu,” said Jeremy Travis, President of John Jay College. “Their legacy will be bolstered by the officers who will pursue higher education, graduate from John Jay and become law enforcement leaders.” The scholarship was announced at the John Jay NYPD alumni reception which featured remarks from NYPD Commissioner William Bratton. The event also celebrated their longstanding partnership and collaboration with the NYPD and First Deputy Commissioner Benjamin Tucker and other department leaders joined over 200 NYPD alumni of John Jay at the special event. 

 NECO is proud to have partnered with John Jay College of Criminal Justice on this important and necessary educational opportunity.

(Below) Chairman Kazeminy with President Jeremy Travis in John Jay College; NY Police Commissioner William Bratton at the podium.

Originally posted: Monday, March 23, 2015 by Neco