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Harry Nadjarian

Chairman of the Board

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Harry Nadjarian

2015 Medalist


The son of Lebanese Armenian parents,whose journey to the United States first started in Cilicia, but included significant time and development in Lebanon before he arrived in the US.

Living as a Lebanese Armenian, growing up in Beirut provided him with an appreciation for both the Armenian and Lebanese traditions. He embraced both cultures and brought the pride of both of them with him to the United States, when he immigrated here in 1976.

Upon arriving in the United States, he assumed numerous executives positions in various industries, seeking his niche before discovering his ability to turnaround a failing industrial engine remanufacturing company in 1978.

In 1979 he was able to purchase a 50% stake in the organization. In a short time, he was able to leverage this ownership stake, and his mounting experience and distinct knowledge, to gain majority ownership of the organization.

He wasted little time in taking this business to much higher level, expanding operations, capabilities and revenues for the preceding.

He recognized the benefits of the opportunity he received and showed his appreciation for it through his philanthropic work and service to the local community. This dedication and affinity for giving, established in him an affinity for giving back that continues to this day.

In 1988 he chaired the Earthquake Relief Fund for Armenia. Under his leadership, $7 million was raised from Californian. The Nadjarians continue to be major donors to the AMAA, Haigazian University, the American red cross, the Boy Scouts of America , the Armenian relief society, The AGBU, City of Hope, the orphans fund, the Armenian cultural foundation, the Lebanese American foundation, the Armenian apostolic school of California, and the American general athletic union. They have established scholarship funds for needy students in the U.S. Lebanon and Armenia . He has a profound love for America, Lebanon, Armenia, the Armenian Church, and the Armenian and Lebanese service organizations.

This service to work and community was recognized nationally in 1986 when 32 year old Nadjarian was selected as one of two Californians to be granted citizenship personally by President Ronald Reagan at Ellis Island.

In 201 1, in recognition of his contribution to Armenians and the Armenian church in the

U.S.A. and Lebanon, His Holiness Catholicos Aram the first decorated him with the medal of Prince of Cilicia.

His successful work, and expertise in industrial markets, allowed him to found Industrial Motor Power Corporation. Until recently as the Chairman The CEO of the organization, Harry was an integral part of one the largest power generation equipment trading companies. In January of 2014 he relinquished his position of being the CEO to his son Nicholas Nadjarian, he remains the chairman of the company .

Mr. Nadjarian has many other affiliations beyond the philanthropic work he readily engages in. His passions have driven him to participate in both culture and business ventures that he enjoys in his participation and the effects of their work.

Cultural Affiliations:

Amideast,Advisory Board Member

Haigazian University, Member, Board of Trustees

Lebanese American Foundation, Member, Board of Directors

Business Affiliations

IMP Corporation

Majority Share Holder,International Power Traders Majority Share Holder, Rental Power Solutions Majority Share Holder, Industry Trader Corporation Managing Partner, ARCH Properties

Despite his success and community involvement, he takes the most pride in what he considers the greatest of his accomplishments, being a loving husband to his wife Cheryl and devoted father to their children, Nicholas and Alexandra .

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