Message from the Chairman

Message from the Chairman

The 29th Annual Ellis Island Medals of Honor ceremony was a smashing success! NECO honored some of the most amazing men and women in America with the Medal, all of whom proved themselves to be extraordinary humanitarians and patriots.

Since the first ceremony in 1986, NECO has been celebrating diversity, fostering tolerance and championing respect for all of our citizens regardless of race, ethnicity or faith. Each year, we celebrate all of our Medalists in a ceremony that is truly one of the most patriotic event to be held in the public sector. We do this because patriotism is the thread that connects all of our Medalists, both past and present. They all have accomplished great things, and they all are grateful to America for the opportunity to realize their dreams.

There have been many changes at NECO over the last few years. We are growing and getting stronger each day, helping more and more Americans achieve their dream.  Since our celebration last year, we have helped children in need, established educational scholarships, and worked to preserve and restore our beloved Ellis Island. And this is only the beginning. There are amazing projects in the works and I encourage all our former Medalists and this year’s amazing roster of Medalists, to follow us on social media to stay abreast of our activities.

And to the 2015 Ellis Island Medal of Honor recipients, I offer you my most sincere congratulations on this wonderful night. You have been selected out of thousands of nominations from across the nation.  I hope that this recognition encourages you to continue your important work and share your knowledge and experience with those less fortunate. I believe that no matter how great your talents or intentions, if you don’t share your gifts, you will never know their true value. Medalists, your good works are priceless. And I’m sure they will live on long after tonight is but a wonderful memory.


Nasser J. Kazeminy


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