Message from the Chairman

Message from the Chairman

I offer my congratulations to the 2014 Ellis Island Medal of Honor recipients.

This year’s amazing group of people has impressed me greatly. I know that we are not only honoring these brilliant Americans, but we are encouraging the next generation of young Americans to meet and exceed these achievements. America is truly the greatest country in the world because we encourage greatness. I’m proud to say that this year’s Medalists have gone above and beyond my expectations.  

I’m so pleased that NECO has the opportunity to celebrate these great Americans. It is truly our honor to single them out and give them the attention they deserve. A great man once said, “The good that we do for ourselves, alone, dies with us; the good we do for the world, lives forever. “ Medalists, I think that your achievements and good work will live on long after tonight is but a wonderful memory.




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